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The Blake Hydram.

Simple Idea!
Big Benefits!

The Blake’s Hydram is a water powered pump which uses only the energy contained in a flowing stream.
The Hydram works continuously all day and night.
No fuel is used so there is neither cost nor pollution. 

Blake Hydram Pump

What does the Blake Hydram do?

The Hydraulic Ram Pump, when working at its optimum, will pump about 20% of the water that is available to it to a maximum height of approximately 150 metres.  The Hydraulic Ram Pump will do this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for many years with no external power required and little or no maintenance.

In order for a Hydram to work two things are required, a steady source of running water (drive water) and a working fall. The minimum drive water needed is 7 litres a minute, with a minimum working fall of 1 metre.  With at least both of these parameters you have the potential of installing a Blake Hydram water pump. 

Each Hydram is made to order and available in a range of sizes from No.1 to No.8.

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