What makes this water pump so special?

About Blake's Hydram

About Blake's Hydram water powered pumpThe Blake’s Hydram is a water powered pump which uses only the energy contained in a flowing stream. The Hydram works continuously all day and every day. No fuel is used, so there is neither cost nor pollution.

The modern Hydram uses a very old principle of physics in a simple but effective way, moving water from a stream or river to places where it is needed.

If there is suitable clean water available, it can be installed and provide supplies to remote houses or communities, allow irrigation of inaccessible areas and maintain feed water for stock.

The working parts are limited to rubber valve discs and maintenance is simply a matter of ensuring waterways are clear.

We have many customers that have had non-stop service from their hydram pump since the 1920’s and 30’s. We are aware of one customer who has a working hydram that was manufactured in 1884! How much water has this hydram pumped over the 140 years it has been working day and night?

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