Some of our most asked questions!

Blake Hydram FAQs

No, because the Blake’s Hydram will not work underwater.

No, because plastic is not rigid enough. 

The upper tap is the Hydram starting level. Start water flowing to the Hydram with this tap open, once water starts to come out through the tap close it, the Hydram will start to pump.

Over time the fine hole in the air valve can get blocked or enlarged and this leads to the air vessel getting water bound or air bound and the Hydram stops pumping.

If you open the top air tap and let the excess water or air out the Hydram should start pumping again. But you need to change the air valve or the Hydram will keep stopping.

This should not be a problem for quite some years though dependent on how gritty or acidic your water is.

The lower tap is to drain the air vessel if you need to remove it.

Your Hydram will have 2 clacks, a waste valve clack and a delivery valve clack.

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