For Ever

Blake Hydrams Go On Forever!

In any other walk of life the statement above would be quite remarkable – not so with our Hydrams.  What the writer and client says is only what we would expect at Green & Carter John Blake Ltd.

Installed in 1925, and with plans for a big party in 2025, these pumps have been running 24/7 for nearly one hundred years.  Pumping at 40 pulses per minute that makes over 2 billion beats and it continues moving 1600 gallons of water a day to a height of 494 feet from a supply of 50 gallons a minute with a fall of 23 feet.

We know that many, many other ram pumps we supplied in the early eighteen hundreds are still faithfully performing their duty and we maintain stocks of parts on the shelf for them too!

So our Hydrams really do last ‘For Ever’.  We have every confidence that, provided they have a supply of water to drive them, there is no reason why they should ever cease to function.

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